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New Tylenol Recall Latest Setback for Johnson & Johnson

The New York Times reported By REUTERS. Johnson & Johnson, the health care giant, said on Friday that it was recalling its entire United States supply of Infants’ Tylenol after parents complained about problems with a new dosing system. It was the latest in a string of recalls for the company. The recall involves about […]

Shoulder Pain Pump – CAUSE FOR ALARM!

A shoulder pain pump is a medical device designed to deliver medication to a patient experiencing shoulder pain after arthroscopic surgery. With a shoulder pain pump, a catheter is placed in the patient’s shoulder joint, and medication is infused by the pump through the catheter into the joint for two to three days. Unfortunately, the […]

Record-Setting $200 million Verdict in Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

Tampa Bay Times reports — A $200 million verdict in a nursing home abuse case this week not only set a record for the Tampa Bay area, but outstripped other big verdicts several times over. Of course, it didn’t hurt that no lawyers showed to defend the nursing home. The case stemmed from the 2004 […]

When is it safe to turn the car seat to a forward-facing position

Six months, one year, two years… The rules change quickly when it comes to child safety. It wasn’t that long ago that the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) advised that children remain in the rear-facing position for one yer. In March 2011, the AAP extended it’s recommendation to two years or until the child is […]

Top five drugs used to help children with Autism

Being a neural disorder, autism cannot be treated through medicines. Medical practitioners use drugs in cases of autism solely to treat and manage symptoms. Five major drug categories are regularly used for symptomatic treatment. SSRIs Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), commonly known as anti-depressants, or drugs that are used to treat anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive […]