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Student Athlete cardiac screenings…SHOCKING STATS

Every year, there are cases of young athletes who collapse and die at practice or during a game due to sudden cardiac arrest.  According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, 15 high school athletes dies each year from cardiac-related conditions. Although American Heart Association national screening guidelines have existed since 1996, a […]

INDOOR TANNING just as bad as cigarette smoking and arsenic

It’s tempting to try to get a little color before putting on summer tank tops, shorts, and bathing suits.  But mounting evidence suggests that indoor tanning is a threat to your health –  on par with cigarette smoking and exposure to arsenic.  Since July of 2009, the World Health Organization has classified ultraviolet radiation from […]

RECALL ALERT: iPod, Strollers, Blender, Pampered Chef…

Is it supposed to do that? Following is an abbreviated list of recalled items to keep you and your family safe.  Items made the list because they have a design or mechanical flaw that could potentially be harmful or deadly.  If you have a product that you feel is dangerous, call the manufacturer and report […]