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Top 4 Causes of New York Construction Fatalities and How to Protect Yourself

When we think about what happens during a typical day in the construction industry, it is no surprise that it’s the number one most dangerous industry in New York to work in. Working at great heights, using heavy equipment, and standing on structures or scaffolding that could fail all put workers at risk of serious […]

What To Do If Your Business Interruption Claim Is Denied

To say that businesses are struggling financially in the wake of COVID-19 is an understatement. Business owners in nearly every industry have been severely impacted by government-mandated shutdowns: losing profits, defaulting on rent, going without income, and in some cases even closing their doors for good. A recent U.S. census survey showed that over 50 […]

Dealing with Serious Car Accident Injuries

After a major car accident, the likelihood of suffering from serious, chronic, and life-altering injuries is common. However, even if you would describe your concussion or lacerations as “serious,” in order to sue a negligent driver for causing your accident, your injuries must qualify as “serious” under New York law. Unfortunately, what a victim considers […]