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Fireworks Accident: Do I Have a Lawsuit?

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is a big one for many Americans: a time for cookouts, fireworks, family, and friends. But when an accident happens on the fourth–especially when it involves fireworks–the impact can be life-altering. Consumer Product Safety Commission Report Fireworks-related injuries and deaths have been increasing in recent years, and the Consumer […]

What Can I Expect from the Mass Tort Settlement Process?

Mass tort litigation–where attorneys help injury victims sue the corporation or large entity responsible for their injuries–have made lots of headlines in recent years, especially in regard to huge settlements. Many mass tort lawsuits against Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson, and other mega-corporations, have been wildly successful, returning millions or even billions of dollars to victims […]

Understanding Who is at Fault for a New Jersey Car Accident

After a car crash, nearly everyone experiences shock, panic, and overwhelm, especially after a major accident that results in serious injuries. In this state of mind, minor tasks like remembering the details of what happened during the crash can be difficult. But determining who was at fault–and getting it right–is incredibly important after an accident. […]

Best Evidence for a Slip and Fall Case

Imagine that you slip and fall at your place of employment and sustain a nasty injury like a fracture or concussion. It’s obvious to you that the hazardous conditions that caused your slip were due to your employer’s negligence. But how can you prove your case in court? Many victims of employer negligence know they […]

Is My Car Accident Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

When we think of workers’ compensation (WC), what usually comes to mind are the most obvious types of workplace accidents: a slip on a wet break room floor, a dangerous fall at a construction site, or exposure to toxic chemicals while on the clock. But according to the most recent 2019 CDC data, car accidents […]