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Who is Liable for a Construction Injury?

It’s no secret that construction job sites are among the most dangerous workplaces in New Jersey. Recent New Jersey Bureau of Labor Statistics research on fatal work injuries in the state uncovered that the private construction industry saw the most deaths of all industries in 2020. In fact, the problem has become so severe that […]

Most Common Fatal Injuries in NJ Car Accidents

As commuters returned to the roads in 2021, New Jersey saw a 19% increase in car crash fatalities compared to 2020, with 699 fatalities. But the increase in fatalities wasn’t necessarily due to the end of work from home arrangements: fatal crashes were up in 2020 as well. Regardless of the cause, this is disturbing […]

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Victims Finally Seeing Justice

For decades, Camp Lejeune water contamination has been a huge issue. Despite the fact that the toxic water supply at the North Carolina Marine Corps base has caused devastating health effects for marines and their families, no action was taken until very recently. Earlier this month, Congress passed the historic Camp Lejeune Justice Act. (President […]

What To Do If Your Insurance Company Refuses To Pay

Insurance companies often claim to have high ideals. In commercials, they promise to be there for you when you’re sick, help you after a car crash, or pay for repairs when a tree falls on your house. However, once you buy the policy and need to file a claim, many things can change. While insurance […]

Failure to Diagnose Colon Cancer: What to Do

In February, the National Cancer Institute announced plans to revive the Cancer Moonshot Initiative, with the ambitious goal of cutting cancer deaths in half over the next 25 years. In recent years, scientists have also been working hard to develop new and less invasive blood tests for cancer. Despite these incredible advances, however, our Northern […]