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Top Five Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies

Navigating insurance claims while trying to get the compensation you need can be a daunting experience. But whether you’re dealing with a car accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice, understanding how to interact with insurance companies is crucial to your case’s success. In this article, I’ll give you five essential tips to help you […]

Don’t Get Tricked by an Ambulance Chaser

Many of us have heard the term “ambulance chaser” before to describe a personal injury lawyer. However, the image of a sleazy lawyer pressuring a vulnerable accident victim into a lawsuit is an unfair stereotype of the profession. In fact, “ambulance chasing” violates any state bar’s ethical standards, not to mention it violates the law. […]

FAQ: Switching Lawyers

If you hired a lawyer you trusted to represent you, and changed your mind but weren’t sure what to do about it, you are certainly not alone. There are endless reasons why people wish they had hired a different attorney for their personal injury case. However, at Buttafuoco & Associates, we’ve noticed that many individuals […]