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6 Tips for Preventing Rainy Spring Accidents

6 Tips for Preventing Rainy Spring AccidentsPhoto by Valeriia Miller from Pexels

Spring is a glorious season, especially when the air warms and the flowers begin to bloom after a harsh New York winter.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most dangerous seasons to get behind the wheel because of the amount of heavy rain we see across the state during March and April. When car accidents happen in rainy conditions it can lead to severe injuries due to their sheer uncontrolled nature.

In fact, according to The Weather Channel, car accidents caused by weather are more deadly than natural disasters like tornadoes and floods.

Below I’ll give you some tips for how to avoid accidents this spring. And remember, if you were involved in a weather-related accident, a New York car accident attorney at Buttafuoco & Associates can help. We are always available for free consultations.

Keep Your Vehicle in Working Order

It’s easy to forget that you need new windshield wipers, or that your brakes aren’t working as well as they used to until the rain has arrived. Every year, save a date at the end of winter to take your car to the shop and make sure it’s in exceptional shape.

Here is a checklist you can use:

  • Replace windshield wipers that have gotten worn down in winter, especially if they are unable to clear the windshield in one pass or if they leave streaks.
  • Make sure your vehicle will be visible on rainy days. Have your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals checked, and make sure your lights are on when you’re driving as rain decreases visibility.
  • Have your brakes checked and replaced if needed–they are truly the most important safety feature on your vehicle in wet weather.
  • Check your tires for proper inflation so you can get the best traction possible when roads are wet. Make sure to include your spare.

Know the Roads Well

Most of us take the same routes to and from places we commonly visit. But in a new area of town or a different city, you won’t be as familiar with how road conditions can affect your safety. Weather can have huge effects on the roads, especially in unfamiliar places where a road can look dry when it’s actually wet. You should always drive more cautiously and remain alert when you are on unfamiliar roads, especially when conditions are poor.

It’s also worth considering the route you take during rainy weather. Avoid areas that can easily flood, such as underpasses or ditches. While it may seem counterintuitive, the highway can sometimes be safer than local roads in rainy conditions.

Don’t Rely on Cruise Control

While cruise control is incredibly convenient during long trips on the interstate, it is best to reserve its use for times when the roads are dry and there is limited traffic. Once a road is wet, driving requires more nuance, such as slowing down by raising your foot from the accelerator. Keeping cruise control off can also help you concentrate more fully on driving safely.

Reduce Your Speed

Speeding is a cause of fatalities in over one third of traffic accidents in New York. This is even more true in rainy weather, when hydroplaning can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
Even a minuscule accumulation of water on the road can cause your car’s tires to lose traction so it’s essential to slow your speed in relation to how much water is on the road to avoid hydroplaning. Additionally, avoid sudden hard braking and sharp turns, and make sure to leave plenty of room between yourself and the other drivers in front of you.

In the case of a high-speed crash, severe injuries are incredibly likely. Working with a New York car accident attorney may be in your best interest, especially if you are seriously injured. Buttafuoco & Associates has decades of experience helping New York accident victims receive the compensation they deserve, and we may be able to help you, too.

Know What to do in a Skid

We’ve all experienced a scary skid where we panic and sharply turn the wheel in the other direction, which only results in a more dangerous situation that can cause a serious accident. Instead, to avoid skidding, steer in this direction you want the car to go. Do not slam on the brakes, as this can cause skidding, hydroplaning, and uncontrolled swerving of your vehicle. If your car does start to skid, stay calm, keep steering in the right direction, and keep your foot off the brakes.

Avoid Driving if Necessary

If it’s pouring rain and you don’t absolutely have to drive, the safest thing you can do is save your trip for later. This is always the safest option when weather conditions are bad.

We hope you have a safe spring season. If you do find yourself in need of a New York car accident attorney, get in touch with Buttafuoco & Associates. Our personal injury team is always available for a free consultation.

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