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Bedsore Victim? FAQ’s for those seeking information about Bedsore Lawsuits

1)  What is a bedsore and why should they be preventable?
A bedridden patient must undergo frequent regular repositioning of his/her body in order to avoid the formation of ulcers or sores that form as a result of constant pressure. These wounds are usually found on the sacrum and the heels and range in size from stage I to stage IV, stage IV being the deepest and largest type. 

2)  Can you sue for bedsores?
A patient may be entitled to financial compensation if they form these bed sores and suffer from the many complications that occur as a result of them. A lot of times bed sores require surgical intervention to control. They also cause serious infections which could lead to death. 

3)  What to do if you notice bedsores on a family member?
This a serious and well known condition that affects a patient whose ability to move themselves in the bed is compromised. The failure of the hospital or nursing home staff to frequently and regularly re-position the patient is negligence and is typically grounds to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

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