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Buttafuoco & Associates triumphs in landmark decision allowing NY volunteer firefighters to be held liable for vehicular negligence

The personal injury law firm Buttafuoco & Associates is delighted to announce that it has set a precedent for auto accident victims who are injured by volunteer firefighters responding to emergency calls in New York.

In a landmark decision (Index No. 36752/12), the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, upheld a previous decision by a lower court (NY Slip Op 32530U) which states that volunteer firefighters who are involved in auto accidents while responding to emergency calls can be held liable for negligence.

Prior to this decision, any victim injured by a volunteer firefighter driving an emergency vehicle had to prove the driver exhibited reckless behavior on the road. That was an extremely difficult requirement that led to many important lawsuits being dismissed.

The precedent was set after a client of Buttafuoco & Associates was seriously injured after she was hit by a fire truck which blazed through an intersection while responding to an emergency call.

“This is a game changer,” said Dan Buttafuoco, senior partner and founder of Buttafuoco & Associates. “This decision not only applies to my client, but to every single person who is injured by the negligence of volunteer firefighters who often speed through intersections and disregard traffic signals.”

He added that the decision will also prevent future accidents, as it will encourage volunteer firefighters to be more careful on the road.

“This is truly a win for the little guy over big business,” Buttafuoco said, noting that this is about getting insurance companies to pay what they rightly owe – not about taking money away from fire departments.

“My team did an excellent job of digging deep into the law to support our case, and we are overjoyed that the appellate court agreed with us,” Buttafuoco said.

Dan Buttafuoco and his colleagues at Buttafuoco & Associates are committed to fighting for victims of auto accidents caused by the negligence or recklessness of other drivers. The firm has secured more than $475 million for families nationwide, and continues to represent the “little guy” against powerful and rich corporate interests.

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