Cancer Patient

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  1. Nancy Kurdyla

    I heard you on 99.1 FM.
    I need your advice. I was on disability (from Church&Dwight post back surgery), I was told by the disability company that they needed to review my case in order to approve LTD and that it would take up to 120 days (I believe), in the meantime I was told by my employer that since my disability wasn’t approved and I didn’t return to work that my job was no longer available. I was told I was in a holding pattern while the LTD was being decided by Aetna (the disability company). I was not being paid during this.
    Unfortunately I am the bread winner of our family and could not afford whatsoever not to have an income.
    I began looking for a job that may allow working from home immediately, despite truly not being able to go back to work, I had to do what I could in order to make our mortgage payments.
    I found a job (during this time I was told I was approved for LTD). I worked at my new job with new company for about 10 weeks. Unfortunately it was a mutual conversation that we had that I was truly unable to perform this sales job from home. I was continuously having errors in my work, I am still in tremendous pain and truly not fully healed.
    Is there anything you can do to help me perhaps return on that LTD despite no longer working for Church&Dwight, as they told I no longer had a position available for me…that’s the only reason I looked for a position despite truly not feeling able to return to work.

    If you could contact me, I would greatly appreciate your advice.

    Best Regards,

    Nancy Kurdyla

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