Car Accident Statistics in Long Beach

It’s time for Long Beach to slow down.  Groups from Long Beach are hoping to expand through the entire city a public safety initiative intended to reduce speed limits.  A tiny neighborhood in Long Beach may be listen as speed limits could be reduced from 30 mph to 15mph by legislation before city council.

  • 2007: 1,000 accidents
  • 2008: 958 accidents
  • 2009: 979 accidents
  • 2010: 961 accidents
  • 2011: 983 accidents

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  1. Md Aslam

    good luck for you. world is tired, how to avoid vehicle accident or car crash

  2. Andru Luka

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  3. amandanolan

    Car Accident is unplanned event that can end tragically. And if the accident is caused by other people then you can file a car accident compensation claim. So we must always stay awake on the road and follow traffic rules always.

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