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Getting the Best Accident Settlement After Your Injury

After any accident that results in an injury, whether that injury is major or minor, insurance companies should make every effort to adequately compensate victims so they can make a full recovery. Although insurance companies are legally required to act in good faith, most will extend a lowball offer before they even consider paying what […]

Think Tort Reform is a Good Idea? Think again!

This article was written by the managing attorney of my firm in response to an article calling for tort reform printed in The Village Times Herald in March 2005. Though this article is already a few years old, it’s still very relevant as those in favor of tort reform (namely physicians and insurance companies) are, […]

Legal Caps on Pain are Wrong

Caps on pain and suffering and the loss of quality of life of victims of medical malpractice are not a legitimate solution to recent insurance-rate increases. Caps only unfairly discriminate against those patients who have been injured the most seriously, or those too young or old to show an economic loss from their injuries. In […]