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DID YOU KNOW? Scammers targeting hotel guests

The federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about scams targeting hotel guests. Next time you’re on the road, be aware of the following three dirty tricks. Be aware and you won’t become the next victim.

  1. The late night, front desk phone call.  This scam starts with a ringing phone. It’s late at night and when the victim answers, the voice on the other hand of the line says he’s from the front desk. “There’s a problem with your credit card,” the voice says. “Could you give us the number again?” Of course, it’s not the front desk, it’s a scammer. The hotel would not likely bother a guest in the middle of the night. They would deal with the issue at the desk in the morning.
  2. Pizza special! A hotel guest finds a flyer slid under their door. Great deals on pizza! They deliver to the hotel! Sounds great! Unfortunately, the pizza place isn’t real ( or at least the number isn’t), and when you order with your credit card you get no pizza, only fraudulent charges.
  3. Wi-Fi fake out. Most hotels offer Wi-Fi service, for free or for a fee. Scammers know this and have been known to create their own Wi-Fi networks, with names that sound just like the official hotel network. If a guest logs on, they risk losing personal information to a crook. Guests should always check with the hotel to make sure they are accessing the authorized network.

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