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Does Night Blindness Increase Car Accidents?

What is Night Blindness?
Night blindness (Nyctalopia in technical terms) is when you trouble seeing in poor light or at night.  In other words, something is defective in your eyes.  There are a variety of causes.  Genetics, medicines, lack of vitamin A, or age. 
How do you know if you suffer from Night Blindness?
If you are concerned about the possibility that you or a loved one has night blindness, consider getting tested.  Any eye doctor can perform the test for you to identify the level of light at which you can see an object. If you cannot see at a normal level, then you have some form of night blindness.

How will Night Blindness effect my daily live?
Those who suffer from night blindness are at a higher risk for car accidents. The problem is, no one is really sure how many accidents are caused by drivers who have trouble seeing at night, but logic dictates that if you have trouble seeing, you are more likely to get in an accident.
Is there Treatment for Night Blindness?
If the night blindness is caused by a vitamin A deficiency, then an increase in vitamin A may resolve the problem.  Though doctors are working on solutions there is currently no known cure for genetic based Night Blindness.
It is not worth the risk of having a car accident because you don’t see well at night.  You are putting yourself and others on the road in danger.  Consider checking with a trained eye doctor to find out if there is anything you can do to improve the problem.  Try avoiding trying after sunset and take all necessary precautions to drive safely during poor light times of the day and night.
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