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How To Prevent Sports Injuries – Injury Statistics for children

SPORTS INJURY STATISTICS FOR CHILDREN:  Almost 75% of all school-related spinal cord injuries occur during sports. And, surprisingly, most sports-related injuries occur during a practice rather than the game. However, a recent Safe Kids survey shows that parents and kids don’t take safety during practice as seriously as they do during a game.  Consider the following checklist to help prevent sports-related injuries:

1) wear appropriate safety gear and equipment that fits properly.

2) Teach children to warm up and stretch be
fore playing.

3) Make sure your kids drink adequate liquids prior to, during and following athletic activities.

4) Prepare for an emergency by providing your child’s coach with important information: parents’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and any medical conditions or allergies affecting the athlete.

5) Before beginning a sport, all children should receive a general health exam and an orthopedic exam.


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