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INDOOR TANNING just as bad as cigarette smoking and arsenic

It’s tempting to try to get a little color before putting on summer tank tops, shorts, and bathing suits.  But mounting evidence suggests that indoor tanning is a threat to your health –  on par with cigarette smoking and exposure to arsenic.  Since July of 2009, the World Health Organization has classified ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds as a definite carcinogen.

Research suggests that indoor UV tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors.  The indoor tanning industry has claimed that indoor UV tanning is safer than the sun and can even protect against cancer, since a sunburn is less likely.  In fact, the Indoor Tanning Association touts indoor tanning as a good way to reap the health benefits of vitamin D.

Those who have been harmed by the effects of indoor tanning can hold businesses liable if statements made are deceptive or false, or if no warning is given to clients about the dangers.  For example, many woman aren’t aware that the use of birth control while tanning increases their photosensitivity.  Manufacturers could also be held liable if it is determined that a product by design is unreasonably dangerous and causes injury.

If you or a loved one is suffering from melanoma or squamous cell skin cancers or eye damage after the regular use of tanning beds, you may be entitled to compensation by the salon and the tanning bed manufacturer.  Call our office immediately to speak with one of our experienced Indoor Tanning Bed Injury Attorneys for a free case review.  1-800-669-4878 (1.800.Now.Hurt)


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