TAKE THE PLEDGE: Distracted Driver Awareness Month

Thousands die needlessly each year because people continue to use their cell phones while driving, handheld or hands-free.  Join the National Safety Council this April in urging those you care about to:

  • Stop using cell phones while driving
  • Recognize that hands-free devices offer no safety benefit
  • Understand the dangers of the cognitive distraction to the brain
  • Tell others about the dangers of cell phone distracted driving 

NSC estimates almost 25 percent of car crashes involve cell phone use. Driving is a complex task that requires eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and the brain focused on the task of driving. Drivers engaged in cell phone conversations, handheld or hands-free, are cognitively distracted and can fail to see up to 50 percent of their driving environment including stop signs, pedestrians and red lights.

Pledge like a life depends on it.  Because it does.

distracted driving awareness month - PLEDGE HERE

Join Buttafuoco & Associates fight to end distracted driving by PLEDGING to not use your cell phone while driving in any way, including:

  • Having a phone conversation – handheld or hands-free
  • Texting


9 Responses to “TAKE THE PLEDGE: Distracted Driver Awareness Month”

  1. Sarah

    I PLEDGE. Sharing right now with my friends.

  2. Heather

    I absolutely pledge. EVERYONE SHOULD pledge not to text and drive.

  3. Kim

    I Pledge. It is so sad how many car accidents can be avoided if people simply avoided their phones while driving.

  4. levee

    i pledge

  5. Theresa Simione

    We must stop! if you even think someone is driving don’t call or text wait how important can it be???but the worst is those who make calls while driving stop it or pull over!

  6. Ed Domino

    I agree 100% no one needs to talk on any type of phone while driving. You have only one thing to do. PAY ATTENTION TO WHATS AT HAND. Everything else can wait till you get there. I have a way to stop it. Just don’t know who to talk to.

  7. Roman Gonzales

    Great post and info. I came across an infographic that illustrates these statistics! Check it out if interested: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-RN0q3YEQ2fU/VZ72Jcbb5LI/AAAAAAAAAHM/U9SmJpT1hos/s1600/Texting%2Band%2BDriving%2Bpng.png

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