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Lives Rebuilt

Pastor Larry – School Bus Accident

It’s important to not just be a taker but to be a giver. You have to contribute back to the world in some way. I just had this desire to reach out to the lost and in 1981 I started a ministry in Sunset Park Brooklyn…


Christopher S. – Bicycle Accident

I grew up as a canal rat where you’re just in the water all the time on people’s docks, boats. I was a nature kid, so anything outdoors was right up my alley. On the day of the accident, my boss had said…


Rony H. – Construction Accident

I was at a project down in Huntington, New York and I was working as a carpenter. We had an issue a week before that with the contractor let him know that we needed outriggers which is an extra set of legs on the outbaker…


Brent T. – Warehouse Accident

I’m from Queens, New York born and raised there. When it was time to get married and raise a family we moved out east. Just hustling every which way because I wanted to buy a home out on the Island. I went to work…


Geraldine H. – Car Accident

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t feel anything and so I just sat there in the car when the ambulance came and they pulled me out. You go into a hospital and they find that you have no insurance and you’re out of the hospital…


Kimberly L. – Wrongful Death

My husband and I we actually grew up together and when I decided to migrate here we actually pen pal each other and that’s when we realized that you know we are in love. First few years was great…