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Construction Accident

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Rony H. – Construction Accident

I was at a project down in Huntington, New York and I was working as a carpenter. We had an issue a week before that with the contractor let him know that we needed outriggers which is an extra set of legs on the outbaker and his answer was that there was no need we’re not moving from where we are but there was obviously a need for it because that would have prevented the accident. I was in bad shape when I hit the floor and I told my buddy just help me get up you know and I guess he seen what I was looking like he said “don’t move just stay there wait for the ambulance to come”.

They just told me “oh Ron he fell but everything is going to be okay everything is fine he’s just in the hospital” that’s all they told me.

Once I got to the hospital and I seen the movement going around and once I seen them cut off my boot open then I knew it was something serious.

It wasn’t the way the guy told me he said he was fine he was not the first emotion that I got was like “oh my God” because I mean he looked like a monster I’m gonna be honest he looked horrible.

I was in surgery the next day they put in some pins and some other stuff for my leg. I was in the hospital there for two weeks. At the time my youngest son was 10 years old so now I’m not coming home they know something’s wrong I just thought-this is it. It’s a scary thought because that’s the only way of supporting my family. Because of the accident they didn’t have money coming in, rent piling up and I remember one night I was very frustrated a lot of pain and stuff and I called them up I said ” Look I don’t know what’s going on I need to talk to somebody I need help something happening” Dan just said “close your eyes and pray with me” and that was it. I went back I spoke to him the next day I told him how that one night brought a lot of peace and just you know I thank God for the accident because it did change my life not just for the money, for the family, for myself. Things are looking up you know all my bills are paid up to date we’re in the process of trying to find a house for me and the family so a lot has changed for the good.

When he received the call and he told me everything is done and he told me how was the settlement I was surprised and I know now it’s going to be a little bit more easy for us. We’re gonna have a dream with the kids you know we’re gonna be able to pay for college.

Just knowing that Dan was referred from my Mother in law’s pastor gave us a peace of mind knowing that he’s a man of faith and that integrity is one of their biggest things. I feel rebuilt because like I said from where I was before the accident to where I am now 100% better. Even though physically not, inside with God everything is better now.