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School Bus Accident

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Pastor Larry – School Bus Accident

It’s important to not just be a taker but to be a giver. You have to contribute back to the world in some way. I just had this desire to reach out to the lost and in 1981 I started a ministry in Sunset Park Brooklyn and began to reach out to the homeless and needy of my community. Every Friday I would go to do work at the church about ten blocks away from the church I was crossing the street and I got hit by a School bus.

3:30 I got a call saying that I needed to speak to someone regarding Larry and they didn’t want to let me in because it was so bloody.
My heart had stopped I had damaged the right side of my brain I had to be revived more than one time. My wife has been told I probably may not survive and if I do survive I may just be in a vegetative state-a vegetable.

And the many times that they would say to me “he’s not going to make it” those first four days that he was gonna die. And I would stand there and tell him “Larry don’t listen”.

My wife and my children have suffered in many ways a lot more than me.

I was angry at God I said “Where were your angels? You said you have angels. Where were your angels?”

My wife was referred to Buttafuoco and Associates through another ministry that works along side of us.

And they said “Marjie don’t worry about it we have the right guy for you” From the moment I met Dan and Shawn I knew that these were the right people. And as time went on I started to see that he wasn’t a lawyer was a Christian he’s a Christian that’s a lawyer.

Dan is not just a good lawyer he also is a man of character and some one that I can trust whether it’s on the phone whether it’s meeting in his office. He has been ready and willing to be alongside of us through all that I’ve been suffering through these years.

Everyone there was always friendly whenever we would call they would make sure they received our call, that Dan would get our call you know whatever we needed they were always there.

The settlement of my case has not only made me feel vindicated but also my family who has gone through this whole trial
It’s so amazing that we have freedom now to do the things that we couldn’t do by Dan stepping in and helping us in this way we’re able to bless people now that used to bless us.

Now that Dan has helped me to rebuild my life I’m finding that I still have more opportunity to minister, to reach out to the lost, I still have opportunity to spend time with my family and I’m still looking forward to seeing my grand children which my son has not given me yet and I really want them real quick.