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Aviation Accident Attorney in New York City, NY

Air travel is a heavily regulated type of transportation that requires the expertise of several parties to ensure a successful flight. From small, private-owned planes to big commercial airliners, all aircraft have certain standards for safety they must uphold. Violations of these standards can lead to catastrophic accidents, often resulting in death. Injured victims or their family members may be eligible for compensation. Call a New York City aviation accident and injury lawyer for help.

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Causes of Aviation Accidents

The following causes of aviation accidents can affect planes of all sizes and may qualify both crew and passengers for compensation:

Faulty Equipment: The ground maintenance crew is responsible for inspecting and repairing or delaying a plane they have deemed it safe to fly. Faulty equipment can cause loss of cabin pressure, landing difficulties, or a loss of engine power in flight.

FAA Regulation Violations: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a strict set of regulations for every aspect of flight from runway designations to plane registrations. Violating certain regulations in place for safety can lead to a serious accident.

Pilot Errors: Even veteran pilots can make grave errors when they fail to follow safety protocol and use common sense. Pilot errors are most common when the pilot is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or is too fatigued to fly safely.

Defective Design or Manufacture of Aircraft: Even a properly designed plane can be defective if a manufacturing error occurs while the plane is under construction. Aircraft defects can lead to malfunctions and other hazards that can cause crashes.

Flight Service Station Employee Negligence: The flight service station is responsible for conducting preflight briefings with the flight crew, processing flight plans, advising pilots of in-flight information, and emergency assistance to aircraft. Employees who fail to perform these duties can cause aviation accidents.

Negligence in a Third Party Selection of a Carrier: Commercial airlines are also known as “common carriers” because they transport all members of the public. Because they are common carriers, the FAA holds them to a higher standard of conduct and safety than private aircraft.

Federal Air Traffic Controller Negligence: Federal air traffic controllers must advise planes of landing and takeoff status, altitude changes, and communicate with both the airplane and nearby control towers. Air traffic controllers might commit more errors if they are tired or under the influence while on duty.

Identifying Liable Parties in an Aviation Accident

As you can see above, there are quite a few parties responsible for the safe operation of all passenger aircraft. To identify the liable party in your aviation accident, you must first determine the cause of the accident. Accident investigations might involve the FAA, local law enforcement, and even the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

After an investigation has determined the official cause of the accident, you will have a better idea of who to hold liable. In many cases, you may be able to hold multiple parties liable. For example, if an intoxicated pilot causes the airplane to crash, you can hold the pilot liable as well as the airline carrier that employed him.

Lawsuits against commercial airlines are difficult to file due to federal regulations as well as the airline’s extensive legal teams. It can take quite a while for federal investigations to conclude and produce a report. It is important that you talk to an aviation accident attorney as soon as possible to get started protecting your legal right to seek damages.

Seeking Compensation after an Aviation Accident

Aviation accidents often lead to severe or fatal injuries. Injured victims and the surviving family are entitled to compensation for damages stemming from the accident. You may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Permanent disability
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of support

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