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Defective Household Products and Appliances

As consumers, we do not give much attention to the potential dangers of the items around our house. Unfortunately, household products can be manufactured and sold with dangerous defects, bringing an unintentional hazard into your home. When a household product or appliance causes you or your family harm, you have the right to seek financial recovery through a product liability claim.

The New York product liability lawyers at Buttafuoco & Associates have handled a multitude of personal injury cases, many involving injuries from household products and appliances. We level the playing field for everyday consumers against giant corporations whose chief goal is to protect their financial well-beings. Call us today at 1-800-NOW-HURT to discuss your case with an experienced product liability attorney at no cost.

What types of defective household product lead to injury claims?

Before a product is sold it must undergo safety testing and include proper warnings and directions with the item. At the manufacturing and production stage, several hazards can occur. The product could be designed defectively or assembled incorrectly. If the marketing team fails to include the proper warnings and instructions, this lack of information can also cause harm to consumers.

A significant number of defective product claims stem from children’s furniture and toys, which must meet rigorous safety standards for infant and child use, but there are others such as:

  • Household appliances (toasters, washing machines, space heaters, etc.)
  • Electric personal grooming items
  • Power tools and gardening equipment
  • Furniture and decorative items (throw pillows, curtains, rugs, etc.)
  • Lighting fixtures

Common household product defects include problems with:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Fire hazards/flammability
  • Detaching parts or choking hazards
  • Inadequate safety measures
  • Poor or no instructions and warnings
  • Use of toxic chemicals

How do I know if I have a valid product liability claim?

Since product liability law in New York is complex and fault difficult to prove, your best bet is to seek advice from an experienced attorney. An attorney who has handled and successfully settled product liability cases in the past can determine whether or not your case is valid. There are some general indicators, though.

There are many steps to proving you are entitled to compensation for the harm you suffered as a result of a defective product. Among them is identifying the party who owed you a duty of care to produce or sell safe products. Then, proving that party knowingly breached this duty in some way.

Under strict liability laws, you do not have to prove how or when the responsible party breached their duty of care. You just need to demonstrate you used the product as intended and it caused you harm.

For example, if you purchased a product and used it as intended, yet still suffered injury, it is often the manufacturer’s fault for failing to design, produce, and sell a product that is safe for the general public. When a product is deemed dangerous, it is the manufacturer’s duty to issue a recall or repair the defective units.

Another example of negligence is when retailers fail to follow a manufacturer’s recall notices and continue to sell products that are dangerous. If you bought a product that was recalled and as a result suffered injuries, the retailer might be liable for selling items with known defects and active recalls.

How can a New York product liability lawyer help me?

A lot of people aren’t sure what to do next after a household product causes an injury. Some wonder if they misused the product in some way and are therefore to blame. Others wonder if they would even be able to sue a manufacturer if they tried.

When you work with a New York product liability lawyer from Buttafuoco & Associates, you have access to our experience and resources, which are crucial to pursuing a claim for compensation.

During a free consultation, we will evaluate your case and go over the options you have to recover compensation. We will collect the evidence necessary to prove a manufacturer’s or other party’s liability for your damages. This includes:

  • Examining the product (don’t throw it away, but stop using it immediately)
  • Securing expert witness testimony about the product’s defects and your injuries
  • Talking to eyewitnesses to the accident who may testify about what happened
  • Obtaining a copy of any incident reports filed by first responders
  • Retrieving and evaluating your medical records to prove your injuries and related damages

The sooner you contact a New York product liability lawyer from our firm about your case, the sooner we can get started. We will handle all communication with the manufacturer and insurance company so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

What compensation am I entitled to receive?

Recovery from your injuries might take weeks or months. And during this time, you may be unable to work and pay your bills. Add to this the expenses related to your treatment and physical therapy, and these unexpected costs can create a significant financial burden for your family.

Buttafuoco & Associates will help you identify all of your short- and long-term damages and collect the evidence you need to prove your claim’s value. Most product liability claims entitle the injured party to recover damages such as:

  • Medical bills (current and future)
  • Lost wages or earning capacity
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses

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