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Poland Spring water contaminated with gasoline

According to a recent report, 3 and 5 gallon bottles of Poland Spring may be contaminated with gasoline.  Consumers are being urged to be aware of this potential contamination by smelling before drinking.  Bottles purchased after November 1st may be affected. 

Because these recycled bottles were likely used to store gasoline in the days after Superstorm Sandy there have been a few Poland Spring bottles that smell like gasoline.   As people scrambled to prepare for the storm, conventions were forgotten and any available container was used to stockpile fuel.

There has been at least one confirmed illness linked to drinking water that was contaminated while in a tainted Poland Spring bottle. 
Overall, health officials are not convinced the level of gasoline in the affected bottles is enough to cause health problems long term but, as a precaution, is warning consumers not to drink it if they smell gasoline from a large bottle of Poland Spring water.

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