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Winter Weather Increases Serious Injury Risk from Slips and Falls

Winter Weather Increases Serious Injury Risk from Slips and FallsEach year, the Northern New Jersey slip and fall attorneys at Buttafuoco & Associates see a noticeable uptick in slip and fall cases during winter. Whether you are out holiday shopping, working a job outside, or taking your kids to sled on a snowy day, winter weather produces hazards that severely increase the risk of a slip and fall accident. Unfortunately, snow and ice can also increase the severity of injuries sustained during slip and falls, resulting in broken bones, concussions, and worse. That said, it is imperative that we be vigilant in paying attention to our surroundings in winter.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Common slip and fall injuries include sprains and bone fractures. While these may seem minor, at Buttafuoco & Associates we understand that they can create severe complications in your life. They can keep you from working, and lead to lost wages, piles of medical bills, and huge amounts of debt. They can also result in chronic pain, which can have a severe impact on your life. What’s worse, winter weather significantly increases the risk of severe slip and fall, which could possibly lead to serious injuries or death.

These can include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones, including hip fractures
  • Concussions and severe traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe lacerations

If you have encountered any of these, it may be useful to get in touch with an attorney to determine whether or not you have a slip and fall claim. These cases can be challenging, and having expertise on your side can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Proving a Slip or Fall Injury

Slip and fall cases may seem cut-and-dry, especially if the victim has been seriously injured or lost their life. However, proving a slip and fall in civil court requires very specific evidence and argument. A slip and fall lawyer serving Northern New Jersey can help you gather the effective evidence to help you prove the following criteria, which are necessary for any personal injury case:

  • Hazardous Condition:

    To prove a slip or fall caused your injuries, you must have evidence that a dangerous condition led to your injury, such as icy sidewalks or melted snow near entrances.

  • Negligence:

    The defendant, typically a property or business owner, can be considered negligent and liable for your injuries if they did not take reasonable steps to ensure a safe environment for guests or customers. In winter weather, this would often include keeping indoor walkways dry, posting “slippery floor” warning signs, and ensuring that outdoor walkways are shoveled and salted.

  • Damages:

    Damages are evidence that you suffered as a direct result of the accident. In most slip and fall accidents, damages include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In a wrongful death case in New Jersey, this can include funeral costs, loss of guidance and companionship, loss of spousal companionship, and loss of financial support.

Gathering convincing evidence requires experience and good judgment, as well as skill in obtaining hard-to-get proof of what happened.

For example, a key piece of evidence in a serious slip and fall case often includes materials in possession of the defendant, such as security footage or facility operation logs. In this case, an experienced Northern New Jersey slip and fall attorney would need to draft a letter of spoliation to legally prevent the defendant/property owner from destroying any evidence that could be used in ongoing legal proceedings to prove liability.

Contact A New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s also important to keep in mind that the defendant, especially if the liable party is a business, will be an insurance company with their own legal team. They’ll try to turn the tables, make you seem negligent, or even make winning seem impossible; this is why we do what we do at Buttafuoco & Associates.

We’re in your corner to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced Northern New Jersey slip and fall lawyer.

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