A National Injury Law Firm


Mission Statement

We represent the “little guy” against powerful and rich corporate interests, especially insurance companies.

Our clients are hardworking men and women who have suffered the sudden and unexpected devastation and loss from serious injury or death in the family. They are victims of an accident or medical malpractice. They are broken, hurt, confused and afraid. They have lost their livelihood. Their ability to survive financially has been taken from them through the negligence or legal fault of another. They need help. They need our help.

In a perfect world wrongdoers would admit their fault and pay for the damage they cause and insurance companies would fairly pay claims, so no representation would be needed. Corporations should admit when their products or their employees injure the public. Sadly, this is not so.

We stand as champions for the disadvantaged. We take on the powerful and rich insurance companies with their army of lawyers. We present evidence to jurors and persuade them to rule in our clients’ favor. We make the medical profession accountable for their malpractice errors.

Our help is very often the difference between a life of quality and a life of misery. We make a difference.

We help accident and injury victims rebuild their lives!