260 people die everyday from medical malpractice

It is estimated by certain reports of medicine that every year between 120 and 260 people die everyday as a result of medical negligence. This is a very high figure that needs to be quickly addressed to make hospitals safer and more trustworthy for the patients. One of the most significant consequences of medical malpractice […]

$77 Million Awarded in Birth Injury Lawsuit – HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

I am sure you have seen newspaper headlines that have read astronomical verdicts for medical malpractice cases in recent years.  $40 Million, 77 Million…even verdicts that exceed $100 Million.  This has led many of you to think “How is that possible?”, “I’ll get injured if it means I can get that kind of money”, or […]

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics 1 out of 3 nursing homes across the country have been cited for nursing home abuse and other related infractions. 11% of nursing homes have been cited for unnecessary dispensing of prescription drugs 1/4 of the aides prosecuted for abusing patients have previous criminal records and 5% of nursing home aides […]

Dangers of Lice Shampoo’s with Lindane

What is Lindane used for? Lindane is used in shampoos to treat children with lice. Also used to treat pubic lice (“crabs”), and scabies. Why was Lindane Recalled (or why should it be)? It has not been recalled as of yet. Lindane is very dangeous stuff. This highly toxic pesticide is a suspected carcinogen and […]