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90 Over-Used Medical Tests and Treatments Considered Unnecessary and Sometimes Dangerous

The United States health care system, led by seventeen groups including The American Academy of Family Physicians have recently added 90 more common tests and procedures, bringing the total to 135, that are frequently ordered unnecessarily and can even cause further harm and injury on a patient. Examples of some of these 90 procedures include: CT scans for […]

3-D Printer can build you a new body part

We have all used printers to print a school paper, make copies of documents, print pictures of vacations and print coupons from a nearby retailers.  But what about printing a body part.  Not a picture of one but an actual new living body part? Researches at Cornell University proven it possible by creating a replacement […]

Driving Instructor dies in auto accident – Four Car Crash

Local police officers responding to a Port Jefferson car accident said that a driving school instructor was killed after veering into oncoming traffic, hitting three cars. The Fitsgerald Driving School instructor, Leonard Sloan, was driving the school’s Chevrolet Malibu when he crashed into the other vehicles on 347 (Nesconset Highway). He most likely had a […]

Blog Milestone – 25,000 views

Blogging milestones are good excuses to write a ‘greatest hits’ compilation.  Our 25,000th view (66% of which came in the last 12 months) was recorded earlier today.   In the event you missed some of our most popular posts here’s a chance to go back and read the best of ‘The Injury/Product News Guide.’ 10 […]

How Much Is My Case Worth?

If you have been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence you might be wondering – “How much is my personal injury case worth?There is a very complex, scientific method to determine the value of a personal injury case.   This process involves measuring (including but not limited to) medical bills, lost wages, pain and […]

Government Secretly Collects Information Every Time You Drive

Many motorists are unaware of the snitch that tags along for a ride every time they get behind the wheel.This little snitch is in the form of a “black box” called an event data recorder.  Automakers have been quietly tucking the units, which automatically records the actions of drivers (tracking your seat belt use, speed, […]

Snowfall Totals from Winter Storm Nemo on Long Island

Long Island is covered in a blanket of white snow – what’s the official tally for your town? Check the snowfall totals listed by town below. Suffolk County Baiting Hollow – 26 inches Bay Shore – 18 inches Bridgehampton – 12 inches Centereach – 32 inches Central Islip – 30+ inches Centerport – 21+ inches Commack – 29+ inches Deer Park – 20 […]

Weather Impacts on Car Safety – snow, sleet, slush

As the northeast prepares for what could be a  historic snow storm please check out these car accident statistics and driving safety tips.On average, there are over 6,301,000 vehicle crashes each year. 24% percent of these crashes— approximately 1,511,000 — are weather-related.  Weather-related crashes are defined as those crashes that occur in adverse weather (i.e., […]

How Long will my case take to settle?

“How Long will my case take to settle?”  This common question has a complicated answers.  It depends based on the specific facts of your case.  We inform all of our clients that a personal injury case can take anywhere from several months to a few years; with the larger cases taking the longest.  The length […]