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Bicycle Accident

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Christopher S. Bicycle Accident

I grew up as a canal rat where you’re just in the water all the time on people’s docks, boats. I was a nature kid, so anything outdoors was right up my alley. On the day of the accident, my boss had said he was going to throw us a barbeque. I decided I was going to go ahead and ride my bicycle there. I was just making it through the intersection and then it happens. I felt like time slowed down. I’ll never forget that sound. Just metal on cement on metal – that will never leave me. I’ve got a fractured ankle, two herniated discs, one in my cervical, one in my lower lumbar, and two additional bulged discs in my lower lumbar. I could not use my arms, my fingers. My whole world was just literally shattered. There’s the financial hardship. I could not live where I was. I had to move back in with my parents. I could not drive. I could barely take care of myself to get myself dressed and ready. My life was put on hold for five years. You’re left just so alone for so long.

I was talking with my aunt who suggested this form that she had tremendous success with: Dan Buttafuoco & Associates. I gave them a call and immediately I was fully at ease. I’ve absolutely always have been a person of faith and as we talked further I came to discover that Dan Buttafuoco runs a Christian law firm. It was like a lighthouse beacon. It was confirmation that this was the law firm that should be for me. Shawn being my trial attorney to represent me, has just an amazing peace and grace about him. My anxiety was through the roof and Shawn was right there for me.
He texted back immediately and got on the phone with me and everything was manageable from there forward. He came over and just spent time, like a father or brother. We ended up jamming out. We got together a couple of times to go ahead and play. I’m just amazed at the level and depth that we’ve gotten to appreciate each other.

So as a result, Shawn won the case. Nailed it. Got my bills paid. Set me up with some money to restart my life. I’m back to working and I got my life back. The more I move, the more alive I feel and they were able to restore that passion of mine. I’ve been inspiring people with health and nutrition, riding bike tours again, and now a new endeavor which is captain of a bike tour team. So having that restored in my life is just so fulfilling. Buttafuoco & Associates put me on the right track to rebuilding my life.