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Wrongful Death

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Kimberly L. – Wrongful Death

“My husband and I we actually grew up together and when I decided to migrate here we actually Pen pal each other and that’s when we realized that you know we are in love. First few years were great other than his diabetic problems, we didn’t see a major issue until one day the doctor told him that his kidney is failing. The doctor actually advised us to sign up for kidney donation. Somehow in our 10 years of marriage anniversary we received a phone call from the hospital telling us that there’s a kidney and we were all so happy to hear the news. So we went to the hospital preparing for the transplant not knowing that three months down the road to find out the lady who gave her kidney died of uterus cancer. Seven months down the road my husband was taken away from me because of the cancer that was put into him. I’ve tried many times to contact my first lawyer and the answer is always wait wait wait. I was driving to work and I was listening to the Christian radio station and I came across Dan Buttafuoco saying that if you have a lawsuit going on and it takes years and still isn’t resolved come to see me now and that’s where I decided to pick up the phone and call. He explained to me what happened on the phone about my husband’s case and he said I’m really concerned come and see me. And that’s when I heard his voice. It’s so fatherly like and with so much passion. To me at that moment I feel like he’s for real. And to him he sees the chance of winning the case is very very slim. He explained to me that God says in the Bible that you’re supposed to help the widow and he said I’m willing to help you regardless of how this case is going. I lost the case but at the same time I wasn’t disappointed because now the organ donation has to scan through organs before giving it to other patients. For me I did not loose, I won the case. I’m so grateful that my husband’s legacy lives on and no one has to suffer the way that my husband and I have gone through.”