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Joseph Beer – Fatal Car Accident that Killed Four Teens

A Queens teenager seemed dazed in October as he wandered through the aftermath of a deadly car crash that “looked like someone had taken a stick to a piñata,” a state trooper testified Wednesday. “There was debris everywhere. And body parts. Blood all over the place,” said State Trooper Eduardo Arias. Yet Arias said Joseph […]

Carbon Monoxide Injures 9 at Roosevelt Field Mall

Nine people were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning that was possible caused by a construction worker using an improperly vented propane-powered tool at Roosevelt Field Mall. Among the injured were construction workers, security guards and staff who were later taken to an area hospital with possible carbon-monoxide poisoning. In total, seven were taken to Nassau […]

Postal worker dies after his truck is hit from behind

A postal worker whose truck was rear-ended before it crashed into a tree in Lloyd Harbor has died, Lloyd Harbor Village Police said. A police spokesman said Suffolk County’s Second Squad is investigating the death of the worker, whose name has not been released. The worker, a man, was driving a postal truck on West […]

Hands-Free Cell Phone Use MORE Dangerous Then Originally Thought

The increasingly popular voice-activated, in-car technologies that allow drivers to text, talk on the phone or even use Facebook while driving still allow for dangerous mental distraction, according to a new study. In the most comprehensive study of its kind to look at drivers’ mental distraction, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that as […]

Balcony in Long Beach collapses injurying 5 people

The city’s building department has prohibited access to second-story exterior balconies at a 64-year-old Long Beach apartment complex after one of them collapsed Monday, injuring five people. Scott Kemins, a commissioner in the Long Beach Building Department, said Tuesday that none of the injuries in the balcony collapse was serious but each person was taken […]