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How Long Does a Mass Tort Claim Take?

If you seek legal action after being injured by a defective drug or product that has harmed a significant number of other people, you will likely find yourself part of what is known as a “mass tort.” Not to be confused with a class action lawsuit, mass tort claims are filed by a group of […]

Most Common Holiday Traffic Accidents to Avoid in 2022

As Covid vaccines have become available and travel restrictions have been lifted, we’ve seen a massive boom in holiday travel; last year, AAA estimated that holiday travel was nearly on par with pre-pandemic levels, and this year it seems poised to jump again. On the downside, according to reporting from Business Insider, holiday season flights […]

Getting the Best Accident Settlement After Your Injury

After any accident that results in an injury, whether that injury is major or minor, insurance companies should make every effort to adequately compensate victims so they can make a full recovery. Although insurance companies are legally required to act in good faith, most will extend a lowball offer before they even consider paying what […]

Top 5 Safety Tips for Holiday Travel in 2022

Holiday travel season is nearly upon us. While the 2022 holidays are an incredible season of love and joy, they also bring crowded interstates, people speeding to make it to celebrations on time, and other travel dangers. Every year, the New Jersey car accident injury attorneys at Buttafuoco & Associates like to remind our readers […]

Three Common Scenarios for Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

Even a doctor who does everything right can misdiagnose a serious disease. But in many situations, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis result from true medical negligence, when a medical professional makes an error that another professional could have reasonably caught. If you or loved one’s breast cancer misdiagnosis was the result of negligence and resulted in […]

New Jersey Roadways Plagued by Serious Car Accidents in September 2022

Driving has steadily become more dangerous in recent years. In fact, there have already been 583 fatalities this year on New Jersey roadways. In September 2022, New Jersey saw an alarming number of serious and fatal accidents. In this blog post, I’ll cover a few notable accidents from across the state and what drivers can […]

Can I Still File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit for Ovarian Cancer?

Our product liability attorneys serving Northern New Jersey have been following the 2022 Johnson & Johnson talc powder cancer cases very closely, and in recent months we’ve seen major legal challenges to J&J’s underhanded attempts to avoid paying thousands of talc cancer lawsuits. In this article, we’ll cover some brief background on the talc powder […]