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Most Common Holiday Traffic Accidents to Avoid in 2022

Most Common Holiday Traffic Accidents in 2022As Covid vaccines have become available and travel restrictions have been lifted, we’ve seen a massive boom in holiday travel; last year, AAA estimated that holiday travel was nearly on par with pre-pandemic levels, and this year it seems poised to jump again.

On the downside, according to reporting from Business Insider, holiday season flights may cost up to 43% more this year, largely due to increased travel demand. This will likely lead many to skip the crowded airports and high prices and pack up the car for a good, old-fashioned road trip.

Taking to the road during the holidays, however, comes with a variety of dangers. Northern New Jersey car accident attorneys are keenly aware that driving has become more dangerous, especially with more drivers on the roadways. In this article, we’ll describe common holiday driving perils and how Buttafuoco & Associates may be able to help you if you find yourself in a traffic accident this holiday season.

Common Roadway Dangers During Holiday Travel

It’s important to note that driving is becoming more dangerous year-round–not just during the holidays. At Buttafuoco & Associates, our car accident attorneys in Northern New Jersey have noticed a clear increase in traffic-related wrongful death cases in recent years. Experts attribute the rise in reckless driving to increased anxiety, disrupted social norms, and increased drug and alcohol abuse brought on by the pandemic. Even as restrictions have lifted, many of these issues are still with us when we get behind the wheel.

As we take to the roadways during the holiday season, these dangers are amplified. In fact, last year in New Jersey state alone, 13 individuals were killed in traffic accidents over the holidays, twice as many as the year prior. While every traffic accident is unique, there are a few key factors that are likely to cause serious accidents, including:

Driving While Intoxicated:

There are more intoxicated and impaired drivers on the roads during the holidays. Avoid drinking or designate a driver for travel to and from holiday celebrations, and stay on the lookout for other motorists behaving erratically.

Drowsy Driving:

While you can’t control other drivers’ behavior, you can keep yourself and others safe by not driving late at night or when you haven’t properly slept.

Weather Hazards:

On the cusp of winter, we’re likely to see more precipitation, including snow and sleet. This can lead to slick road surfaces and, therefore, more crashes. Drive safely and at a reasonable speed.

Out-of-Town Drivers:

When driving on unfamiliar streets, our driving is less safe. Sometimes we have to make sudden stops or last-minute turns. Even if you’re not going anywhere this holiday, keep an eye out for drivers who seem unsure of their route.

How a Northern New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Even if you know the hazards and follow every safety precaution, you may still find yourself in an accident this holiday season. In this case, it is often worth it to contact a car accident lawyer serving Northern New Jersey who is experienced in navigating the legal system and negotiating with insurance companies. Working with an attorney has several benefits, including first helping you get the compensation you deserve so you can recover fully from injuries without enduring serious debt.

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