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New Jersey Roadways Plagued by Serious Car Accidents in September 2022

New Jersey Roadways Plagued by Serious Car Accidents in September 2022Driving has steadily become more dangerous in recent years. In fact, there have already been 583 fatalities this year on New Jersey roadways. In September 2022, New Jersey saw an alarming number of serious and fatal accidents. In this blog post, I’ll cover a few notable accidents from across the state and what drivers can learn from them. I’ll also discuss how a car accident attorney in Northern New Jersey can help you if you or a loved one are injured in a car crash.

One Fatality in I-80 Crash

On September 18 around 8:40AM, a motorist crashed into a tree after driving off the side of I-80 heading westbound. The driver and two backseat passengers sustained moderate to severe injuries, while the front seat passenger was killed in the crash.

This is a prime example of the serious dangers of reckless driving. While we often think of fatal crashes happening when vehicles collide, losing control of a vehicle due to distracted driving, substance use, or for other reasons is often the cause.

Multiple Crashes in Hamilton Township, NJ

On September 21, two crashes were reported in Hamilton Township. The first crash, news reported at 6:40PM took out several utility poles and the vehicle caught fire. Though initially trapped inside, the driver was able to escape by the time emergency units arrived. In the second crash, reported at 9:53PM, a vehicle caught fire after crashing into a tree. The driver was rescued from the vehicle by a neighbor, but suffered burns and trauma.

Car fires are not particularly common, but when they do occur, they often cause serious and fatal injuries. If you find yourself in a car fire, it’s important to know what to do. You can read more about it here.

Two Killed during Pop-Up Car Rally in Wildwood, NJ

At 9:36 p.m. on September 24, the police department was called to an “unsanctioned” car rally. A 37-year-old motorist hit two pedestrians and another vehicle before attempting to flee the scene. One of the pedestrians died on the scene and a passenger in the struck vehicle later died from his injuries at the Atlantic City Medical Center. The driver has been charged with death by auto (two counts), as well as a number of other charges. Northern New Jersey car accident attorneys suspect that he may face additional civil charges from the victims and their families, including wrongful death. Pedestrian deaths at the hands of reckless drivers are unfortunately common. If you are walking, always be aware of vehicles near you and keep a safe distance.

Several Injured in Severe Crash in Trenton, NJ

On September 29, a severe crash resulted in four individuals sustaining serious injuries. A 32-year-old woman sustained a broken hip. A 34-year-old man sustained lacerations to the hand as well as neck and back injuries. A 15-year-old girl sustained a concussion and facial trauma. A 15-year-old boy, suffering the most serious injuries, sustained a concussion and fractures to his jaw and skull.

These injuries are among the most common types that we see at Buttafuoco & Associates after a crash. If you are injured in an accident, seek medical help immediately. If your injuries are particularly severe, it is typically in your best interest to work with a Northern New Jersey car accident lawyer.

How a Lawyer Can Help

These don’t cover the entirety of severe crashes that happened in September, but we hope it gives you a sense that being alert and careful on the road is crucial. At Buttafuoco & Associates, we hope that you never have to consider your legal options after an accident, but if you find yourself in this situation, a car accident lawyer serving Northern New Jersey can often help. Here are a few examples of what a lawyer can do:

Negotiate With Insurance Companies:

Even if you aren’t filing a civil case, an attorney can help you navigate an insurance settlement, so you can get the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

Navigate Comparative Negligence:

New Jersey is a state that uses comparative negligence when determining fault. This means that the party that is at greater fault is responsible for damages. This can be complex, and having an attorney on your side can be useful.

Prove Serious Injury Threshold:

One unique aspect of New Jersey law is that “Serious Injury” has a very specific legal threshold, and even if the other driver was at fault, it is often impossible to sue if your injuries are not considered “serious” under the law. An experienced attorney can help you make the case that your injuries qualify as serious so that you can be fully compensated.

Again, we hope you don’t find yourself in an accident, but if you or a person you love does, Buttafuoco & Associates is here to help you navigate your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve.

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