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Drunk Driving caused more Deaths then War in Iraq/Afghanistan

In the wake of the tragic death of Nassau County Police Officer Joseph Oliveri,  drunk driving is once again at the front of all our minds.  It appears that driving while intoxicated is the root cause of this tragedy.  One thing is clear…the carnage drunken driving causes has to be curtailed.

The nation has lost 6,500 service members to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the decade since we began fighting there.  In that same span of time we have lost more then 120,000 lives in accidents where a driver’s blood-alcohol level was at or exceeded the .08 limit, more than 700 of these accidents on Long Island.

If we believe putting alcohol-interlock devices in every car would go too far, then we must go further ourselves.  Innocent victims killed by drunken driving have far more right to their lives than motorists have to drive without proving their sobriety.

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