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Three Risk Factors for Driving this Thanksgiving

Three Risk Factors for Driving this ThanksgivingLast winter was a cautious time for many families. With COVID-19 surging, many of us were left to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with our faraway loved ones over Zoom and Facetime. As the first holiday season with the virus in retreat, this Thanksgiving will be especially special for many families who’ve been apart for over a year and a half. Spending holidays with loved ones in person, however, means travel, and at Buttafuoco & Associates, we understand how eager you might be to get out on the road. However, our car accident lawyers serving New Jersey know there are a number of factors increasing your risk of an accident when hitting the road during the holidays:

  • Impaired Drivers: As with most holidays, Thanksgiving is often associated with celebrating with a beer or a glass of wine; it should come as no surprise that alcohol impaired drivers account for a greater share of accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control, alcohol and drug impairment accounts for 17% of all traffic accidents and 29% of traffic fatalities. Even if you designate a driver or take an Uber, you cannot account for the decisions of other drivers on the road to drink and get behind the wheel. As with any holiday, it’s more likely others will make that poor choice, and you may need the assistance of a New Jersey car accident attorney. At Buttafuoco & Associates, we have the experience to discuss how to potentially seek damages in a civil case against a drunk driver. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them.
  • Tired Drivers: While we all know that driving while intoxicated is dangerous, it can be just as dangerous to drive tired. According to a 2018 study by AAA, nearly 11% of all traffic accidents are caused by drowsy or tired driving. Additionally, every car accident attorney in New Jersey is familiar with a law enacted in 2003 by the New Jersey Legislature known as “Maggie’s Law.” This law amended the state’s vehicular homicide statute to include fatigue as a state of recklessness. Many families travel long distances to see their loved ones without a lot of time to rest, and this can lead to a lot of tired drivers on the road after a long day of too much turkey. Even if you make the prudent choice to stay the night, you unfortunately can’t account for other drivers’ choices.
  • Weather Conditions: As fall gets closer to winter, many of the days turn soggy and grim, which doesn’t just put a damper on backyard football. Rain decreases visibility and may impair a vehicle’s ability to stop promptly in an emergency, especially if there are leaves on the driving surface. According to the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies, car crashes are 34% overall more likely during precipitation. Please be extra careful if you are driving in the rain this year.

There are many factors you should be aware of when getting behind the wheel this Thanksgiving, and if the worst happens, or even you just get in a fender bender, you know you can count on Buttafuoco & Associates. A New Jersey car accident lawyer will help you understand your legal options.

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