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Updates on J&J’s Proposed $8.9 billion Settlement for Talc Cancer Victims

Updates on J&Js Proposed $8.9 billion Settlement for Talc Cancer Victims

In the latest mass tort news, Johnson & Johnson is still trying to get out of paying cancer patients who have been irreparably harmed by its deadly talc products. As of June 27, the company offered to settle thousands of lawsuits through an $8.9 billion settlement. While this may sound like good news, there’s a catch: the company will attempt to convince a New Jersey bankruptcy judge that its subsidiary, LTL Management, can clear up the outstanding lawsuits by filing for bankruptcy.

I’ll tell you more below, as well as when a New York talc cancer attorney at Buttafuoco & Associates may be able to help with your case.

J&J’s Abuses of U.S. Bankruptcy Law Continue

This isn’t the first time LTL Management has attempted to file for bankruptcy in an effort to evade paying cancer victims for the illnesses its dangerous products caused.

In April, a U.S. appeals court determined that the company was not eligible to qualify for bankruptcy. The subsidiary immediately filed for bankruptcy a second time, despite the fact that a Department of Justice watchdog has repeatedly said that this is an abuse of the legal system.

Although attorneys representing victims have demanded that LTL’s bankruptcy case be dismissed, the case will be heard by Judge Michael Kaplan in Trenton, New Jersey. Importantly, this is the same judge who initially supported LTL’s original bankruptcy filing, which was eventually overturned.

Unlike in the previous bankruptcy hearing, where Judge Kaplan paused cases filed by victims before October of 2021, this time Kaplan has not agreed to halt talc litigation while the case is heard.

If you have been victimized by J&J and believe your cancer was caused by their talc products, you can still file a case with a New York talc cancer attorney. Buttafuoco & Associates continues to represent victims against negligent corporate giants, and we will fight for your rights to help you get the compensation you deserve.

How Talc Cancer Cases Work
Among the most efficient ways to receive a settlement if you have been harmed by Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder or other talc-containing products is to work with a mass tort lawyer in New York. A mass tort often resolves more quickly than individual trials because many cases are heard in a single court at once.

Victims in these cases are often more convincing to a judge because lawyers are able to use evidence from many victims to prove that the company was negligent. In an individual trial, it can be harder to prove that your cancer was caused by a talc product, but when many people demonstrate that a product has harmed them, the case is significantly strengthened.

In terms of settlement amounts, these are based on the extent of harm the product has caused you. Once lawyers gather the evidence they will take to court, they divide victims into tiers based on how severely they were harmed. Someone who has more severe disease will typically receive a higher percentage of the total settlement than someone who has been less seriously afflicted. To learn more about how settlement amounts are determined, check out our blog on the topic.

Do You Have a Case?

If you believe your cancer was caused by a Johnson & Johnson’s talc product, Buttafuoco & Associates may be able to help. We’ve been helping clients and we can help you in determining whether you are eligible to join a mass tort claim, tell you more about your rights, and thoroughly describe the legal process.

If you believe you have been harmed by J&J’s negligence, don’t wait: get in touch with us today so your case can move forward.

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