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Children’s Play Equipment Recalls: an Ongoing Cause for Concern

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Swing sets, slides, jungle gyms, and forts are common features in backyards and playgrounds across America. Despite their popularity, over the years we have seen far too many disturbing recalled products of play equipment after it caused severe injuries. I’ll tell you more about the risks posed by this seemingly safe equipment by describing several product recalls. Buttafuoco & Associates has been defending families against grave mistakes made by corporations for decades.

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2021: Outdoor Play Sets Sold at Costco.com

In 2021, a variety of playsets sold at Costco online were recalled, including Turbo Racer, Cloud Racer, Captain’s Fort and Fort Highlander Outdoor Playsets. The problem was serious: the wooden parts of the playsets–in particular their roofs–caused an entrapment hazard. Luckily, the 5100 recalled playsets could be restored to safe functioning with repairs. Consumers were urged to immediately discontinue using the playsets and contact the manufacturer, Backyard Play Systems company, for a free repair kit. They could also request a representative from the company fix their playset for no charge. Luckily, no injuries were reported, but this is typically not the case.

2013: Tornado Tube Slide with Portholes

In 2013, a product known as the Tornado Tube Slide by Solowave Design was recalled when it was discovered that the porthole windows could break and potentially cause serious lacerations to a child’s back, legs, neck, hands, feet, shoulders and head. The product was deemed a high injury risk for children. Consumers were advised to stop using the slides immediately and call the company to receive a free replacement of the affected parts. The serious injuries that were reported in relation to this product, however, could not be erased by a simple replacement. If you have been wronged by a company in this way, holding them accountable in a court of law is often the only way to seek justice.

2012: Slalom Glider Slide

Landscape Structures’ 6-foot tall Slalom Glider Slide was recalled in 2012 due to a serious fall hazard. This playground slide was made from molded plastic, and it included a ladder. Because the slide lacked a platform on the top and sides of the chute, children could fall in two spots: after they climbed the ladder to get to the slide, and again after they had begun to slide down the chute.

The injuries that resulted were disastrous: 16 reports of injuries to small children were made, including 14 arm and leg fractures. Consumers were advised to stop using the slides and owners were contacted by the company. They had the option of replacing the Slalom Glider with a different piece of playground equipment, having their money refunded, or receiving a credit they could use to make a different purchase. The worst part of this case is perhaps that the children’s products were sold to schools and other facilities, putting a significant number of children at risk.

2016: Lightning Slide Recall

The Lightning Slide was a typical stainless steel slide found in parks and school playgrounds, but it was anything but pedestrian in terms of safety.

It was discovered that the welding between the wall of the slide and the beltway could easily crack and separate, creating a sharp area where a child’s fingers could get caught and become severed. Over 1000 of the slides were recalled by the company after two children’s fingers were amputated. Consumers were instructed to stop using the recalled slides, and contact the Playworld company to receive a free replacement slide. This is unacceptable recompense for a child’s life being altered from a young age due to a negligent manufacturer.

What to Do if Your Child is Injured on a Playground

These are just a few examples of countless product recalls we have seen of children’s play equipment over the years. We trust companies to relentlessly test their products to ensure our children’s safety, yet serious injuries continue to happen.

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